Club Car Powerdrive Charger fix kit


Club Car Powerdrive Charger Replacement Parts


This listing is for the 3 common Parts that go bad on a Club Car Powerdrive Charger. This may not be the only thing wrong with your charger if you are having issues that you arent sure of then please call or email us prior to purchasing.

Included in this order are

  1. Heat Sink
  2. Circuit Breaker (Fuse)
  3. 48 volt Power Relay

Please see my video below for explanations on symptoms and fixes of these parts.

There are no gurantee's that these parts are the issue with your charger, yet these are the most common fixes for the Powerdrive 3 charger.

If you would rather send us the charger we can

  1. Diagnose
  2. Send you an Estimate
  3. Repair
  4. Return your charger